Donkey Kong Wall Unit

With the release of the most recent Donkey Kong Country video game for the Wii, most people are probably pretty excited about revisiting a classic re-made. But of course, before there was Donkey Kong Country, there was the classic Donkey Kong arcade game that was out in the 80s. If you’re a fan of the classic game, then you know the familiar design and look of the game screen, with all the latters, the oil barrel and the overall nostalgia that the game brings.  Well, now a designer by the name of Igor Chak has taken that memorable point in our childhoods (for some of us, anyways) and turned it into a wall shelving unit.


At first glance, this looks like a set of shelves which looks exactly like it would in the game. The details are pretty good, mostly because it resembles the 8-bit video game, but also because it includes all the appropriate lines and ladders. However, what makes it more interesting is that it doesn’t need to stay this way.



That’s right! The pieces are detachable, giving you flexibility to set up a TV, a couple of game consoles, maybe a couple of pictures and other things too. The design was really cool, and also very strong. Each piece is made up of durable and lightweight carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels, stainless steel rods and strong glass tops. Each of the mounts which attach the sections to the walls are made of steel as well, and can support up to 60 lbs.



There’s definitely a lot you can do with this. It looks really good and it is definitely symbolic of what many of us grew up with, and still fall in love with, if only for the nostalgia.



It even comes with a picture of the oil tank next to your spawn point. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend dropping barrels onto it. Instead, just sit back on your fancy looking couch, relax, and enjoy a couple of rounds of Donkey Kong.


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