iPhone-Controlled LED Chandelier

People who believe in decorating their homes with extra-ordinary lighting and those who like going for the most unique chandeliers will surely find the very new and amazing iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier a thing worth a gaze.

iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier

This iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier costs a whopping $180,000 which will be within the reach of the financially strong people only. However, the price of the chandelier makes it pretty clear that it has much more unique factors about its design, look and functions which differentiate it from every other ordinary chandelier.

The most striking factor about the iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier is that it can be controlled through iPhone application. Moreover, other advanced features about it are that it has LED displays which are 3D in type and are controllable through computer. The specialty about the lighting installation of the chandelier is that it is capable of reflecting lights in a movement which looks almost like a swarm of bees. This lighting installation is done by the rAndom International, The company proclaimed that this is just one example and the coming future can show even better designs, creativity and artistic works.

Further information on the chandelier by going deep into its feature says that the total number of LEDs installed in the lighting system is 9000 and to make these LEDs function there are other elements. These include 3 corian boxes, sensors for sound control, brass rods properly polished for a dazzling effect, 3000 circuit boards, accordingly required software and hardware and three cubes each of which comes in a dimension of 31.88 inches by 31.88 inches.

iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier 1

Other than this “Swarm Light” chandelier, there is another creation too from the house of rAndom. The best part of this designer house is that it takes the latest technologies seriously and wants to implement almost all possible advancements in their work. So, that makes the rAndom International a famous name and its creation the iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier a marvelous work of art.

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