Majoobi Web Service Makes Mobile App Creation Easy

Norwegian software company Majoobi enables publishers to build visually appealing, functionality-rich apps that can run on virtually all of the most popular mobile devices.

With the avalanche of app-centric smartphones and tablets hitting the market over the past 2-3 years, it seems as if it is no longer sufficient to just have a website – you need an app too. So many consumers are now using mobile devices to access the internet, and apps have become a staple in the average web-surfing diet. Many large websites have taken notice, and provide their own respective mobile apps in an effort to reach the mobile marketplace.

Majoobi makes it easy to build your own mobile app designed for your website, big or small. Anyone can build an app, as long as the publisher owns the content or has permission to use the content in the app. Although Majoobi apps can be accessed through an app store, it’s not necessary to publish through the ‘store’ system. Users that visit the apps’ web page can easily install the app on their phone desktop by click by bookmarking it on the device desktop. For non-iPhone/Andorid users, the app would be available in a downloadable format that works on Java-enabled devices.

The App Builder, which has been in development for three years, is based on HTML5. It means that only operating systems supporting HTML5 can run the apps (so just Apple and Android then), however this is where the Majoobie Mobile Client comes into its own. The Mobile Client lets apps created by Majoobi to run on practically any non-smartphone platform.

The free service allows for 25,000 page impressions per month and all features of the App Builder. The paid-for monthly subscriptions ranging from €29.99 a month to €89.99 a month allow for higher page impressions, custom domain name and online support.

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