The Kisai Satellite Black Watch

In the family of designer watches comes a new member the Kisai Satellite Black. Whenever you think of a watch the first thing that comes to mind are two hands ticking away. It is now time to change our imaginations. With the advancement in technology many products have undergone changes and the watch is one of them. Numerous new designs of watches are launched time and again and a majority of them lack hands. Or shall we say they do not need hands any more. The Kisai Sattelite Black is one such watch.

The Kisai is an offering from Tokyoflash which has had its name associated with similar designer watches. The face of the Kisai is absolutely black and displays nothing unless you wish to. By the touch of a button on the right three varied sized LED rings illuminate the dark sky. Probably this is why it is called Satellite. The three rings help tell the time with each one depicting a separate time figure. The upper zone has the hour ring with divisions as a traditional watch. The lower left zone depicts minutes in groups of five and the lower right zone (or call it the center ring) shows four single minutes.

The description might sound a bit confusing but once you get to see it you will be able to figure things out yourself. Here is a little help. Look at the section of the ring blinking and you will get the correct time. The only thing that you would need to brush up a little would be your additions skills. Otherwise it is a smooth sailing piece of a product. You could also opt for an animated display of the time where the time will flash on the face every 15 minutes from six in the evening to midnight.

With the change in design there has also been a change in the energy source of the watch. The Kisai does not require keying or does is use those tiny button batteries. To keep it running right and bright all you need to do is connect it to a USB port, can be your computer also, to charge it up. One full charge of 3.5 hours will last it approximately a month. One battery can take up to 300 charges and the battery is replaceable.

So many good qualities for a watch rolled into one sure makes for a good deal. Besides it also gives you the pleasure of sporting something different; a designer product. Some call this a crazy design but at the same time attractive and it is this combination that makes it all the more appealing. It is worth $93.79.

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