The World’s First 3D PMP

3D video technology has been around for a long time, but it is only with James Cameron’s Avatar that 3D broke into public consciousness. With the blockbuster success of Avatar, 3D technology has crossed over from celluloid to everyday consumer gadgets such as TV sets and mobile phones. The dynamics behind 3D technology is based in the everyday laws of physics.

Film, or video, shot in 3D presents the same information as a 2D film or video. The difference being the illusion of depth created in the image. This illusion is created by projecting two similar images with varying angles simultaneously.

A slight disadvantage with modern consumer gadget 3D technology is that the user needs to wear 3D specs to recreate the optical illusion of depth. Cowon Systems, a Korean tech company, has launched what is being billed as the world’s first 3D portable media player (PMP) with 3-dimensional technology that would not require 3D glasses. Cowon 3D is the name of the 3-diemnsional PMP.

The Cowon 3D is a portable music player that the user would fall in love with at first sight. It has a sleek, rectangular body frame colored in white with a touch sensitive 4.8-inch LCD screen. The body fame has a minimalist aesthetic to it and looks simply gorgeous.

On the outside Cowon 3D may be a music player, but it is packed with enough features to turn the gadget into a mini computer. When you switch the music player on, an interactive and well-designed menu pops up on screen. The user can navigate through the various menu functions with the simple touch of their fingers.

The new age 3D PMP from Cowon Systems comes with a Wireless Lan and flash enabled internet browsers that allow the user to surf the net on the move. With the Office feature, users can create and save documents. An exciting Games menu offers the latest fun filled games. Besides play and work, the user can view photos and watch videos in a stunning 1080 full HD clarity.

With so many features, it is easy to forget that the Cowon 3D can playback music too. The new age media player does not disappoint on this front. The acoustics of the device has an EQ Filter, BBE, Stereo Enhance, and Reverb working together to produce rich note deep in bass.

To call the Cowon 3D is the world’s first 3D PMP that comes with awesome multitasking abilities.

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