Star Wars Belt Buckles: The Force Will Keep Your Pants Up!

Custom belt buckles have long been a way for people to express their love for a particular fandom.

It’s little surprise to see that Star Wars is now part of this movement, with this collection of 3 belt buckles featuring the faces of iconic characters.

Star wars buckle 1

My favourite piece out of this collection is the gold belt buckle featuring the head of C-3PO, who was my most-liked character in the original trilogy. Since it’s a simple design, it goes with almost any outfit, from dress shirts to casual tees.

Star wars buckle 2

The attention to detail on this buckle is immense; the paint job alone nearly makes C-3PO look like he’s made of solid gold, which is what the original character was supposedly made of. As a product, it looks very well-made, and costing only $10 it makes a great piece of memorabilia for any fan of the series, whether casual or hardcore.

Star wars buckle 5

I’m a bit confused by Darth Maul’s presence in this collection, as he was dead long before the original trilogy took place. He’s the main antagonist of Episode I, yes, but even with his distinctive facial tattoos, he’s nowhere near as iconic as Darth Vader with his respirator mask or Princess Leia and her cinnamon-bun hair.

Star wars buckle 6

Still, he does have a very distinctly demonic look, and you could work him into a less nerdy ensemble if you told people that he’s a death metal God. Getting his face on your waist will also cost you only $10.

Star wars buckle 3

Finally, there’s the Yoda belt buckle. Of the three, this one looks a lot cheaper and poorly made, simply because of the lacquer used on the paint. It makes Yoda look greasy and shiny, which would’ve worked if he was a slimy-looking character, but in the films, his skin simply looks like skin.
Star wars buckle 4
The wrinkles in his skin also look inaccurate; they’re just lines drawn all over Yoda’s face without any attention to natural crease formation. The colour of his skin also looks much too dark green to be Yoda; he originally had paler, more organic-looking colouration. Like the other two, this belt buckle is $10, which is not very much to shell out for even if you’re the most skeptical of fans. In this case though, it looks like you really do get what you pay for.

This Star Wars belt buckle collection is an overall success. The buckles generally look great, and they’re all pretty relevant to the series. This collection is joined by another set of Star Wars belt buckles starring R2-D2, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper. For even more nerdy belt goodness, check out this collection of 17 sweet belt designs.