How to Make Your Own Bacon Christmas Ornament

If there is something that I cannot separate Christmas from, it has to be bacon and other charcuterie products. Thus, it should not come as a surprise if like many other people that I am also interested in bacon Christmas ornaments. Bacon has that smoky and earthy umami flavor that no other meat has. It is the perfect food to cheer up just about everyone on a cold and gloomy winter day.

If you would like to create some bacon ornaments for your tree or anything else, you could take a look at the tutorials that Serena has uploaded for all of us to learn. All you would need is red felt, red thread, wire, ribbon and a few other accessories like pins, needles and scissors.

If you do not like to use needles and are afraid of getting the needle pricked in your fingers, you could also use a sewing machine instead. Black beads for eyes, black felt for mouth and glue are required too. Liquid smoke makes the felt bacon smell smoky and sensual just like real bacon does. You would need to spend a little while cutting and shaping felt and stitching them back together in order give the felt a bacon-ish appearance.

Use pins to hold the lighter shade in place on the red felt, and voila, you would have a cool red bacon stitched in felt. You could use the ribbon; buttons etc to give the bacon ornament a humanoid appearance and also attach a Christmas message that would greet your loved ones.

You could also try other methods of creating these lovely Bacon ornaments by using edible glue and attaching real pieces of bacon which could be later consumed. You could take a look at other Christmas ornaments that we have written about earlier, like these awesome Christmas ornaments and cool anime ornaments. Christmas is all about feeling good and making others feel good and if bacon makes you and your loved ones drool, why not go ahead and create  ornaments that make y’all drool!

Via: Seremeres