Swing My Way! Star Trek Inspired Air Compressed Door

Probably one reason which might have inspired the person behind the Uiproductions to think about something very creative and mind-tickling like the air powered door similar to in the one used in Star trek and in Disney Monorail is his desire to enliven the Star Trek aura.

Star Trek Style Door

However, if you too find this door concept really striking and want to get one build for your house or for your room as well, follow these simple instructions. In the first step, you need to collect all important things like the maker of the door has done. These comprise of a wooden door measuring 32” wide, a tank or gallon of air compressor, 3/4″ bore pneumatic pistons, a 12V solenoid-operated valve that can be used 5-way, 2 stroke measuring 16″, a track for pocket door along with useful things like regulator, hammer, screwdriver and connectors. Also, remember to tear out the wall or the place in which the door needs to be fixed.

In the second step, the pocket door track will be fixed; the door will be hung on it and then patched up on one wall. Next, the pistons will have to be installed together with designing and fabricating the door brackets. Right after that, the electronic parts of the door installation will have to be paid heed and the maker will need to install a switch for on/off purposes. For making the use of the switch more fruitful, circuits can be made which can let one open the door on one press of the switch. The air valve will do this job and then the same air valve switches it off making the door get closed.

Though at first you may need to make tests of several trial and errors but a strict following of the basic procedures will surely let one finally fix an air compressed door for his room.

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Via: Instructables