Talking Iron Man Figure is Geek-a-rific

The original advertisement says that this talking Iron Man figure is from the movie.  I beg to differ.  It seems that this little guy is a little more anime than what I remember from either of the first two movies.  No matter.  It’s still pretty geek-a-rificThis is more than your average action figure.  This Iron Man action figure collectible stands 10 and 1/2 inches tall, making it an awesome piece for the mantel (or for dominating your sister’s Barbies — which always seemed to be taller than GI Joe. )  The Iron Man Figure is, obviously, mostly made of plastic.  The key features here are flashing lights, sounds, and expandable wings.   The action figure even includes “speech” which I can only assume means that it has some pre-recorded phrases from the movie.

I’m still one of those folks that says that the first movie was better than the second — but maybe I’m in a minority.  No matter what this figure is destined for greatness in your personal collection of comic/movie related memorobilia.  Or, if you’re like me, then it’s not actually for you, it’s for a “friend.”

If you’re an Iron Man fan, or a fan of comics in general I imagine that this little guy might bring you back to your youth (or help preserve it).  The figure does require two AA batteries, which come standard with each package.  If you’re truly going to take advantage of how geek-a-rific this toy/figure is, then you should probably stock up on your AAS.  The Iron Man Talking Figure is available through Entertainment Earth for $25.99 and is currently in stock — which means that you can have this piece delivered to your home (or the home of your favorite Iron Man fan) just in time for the Holidays.

If you’re a true Iron Man fan then you might be interested in the Tony Stark jacket that we featured a little while back.  Or, this hella-cool Steampunk Iron Man outfit.   Check out some of the other cool stuff on Walyou and the Entertainment Earth website, both of which feature a decent amount of Iron Man related swag and coolness.