Hexapod Robot Goes Wherever It Wants

Lynxmotion is quite well known for its robot kits, especially the really cool hexapod kits. A hexapod, unsurprisingly, is a six-legged robot capable of surprisingly precise movements. Due to its radial hexagon shape, it is capable of moving in many directions as if either side could act as its ‘head’. While that’s impressive enough on its own, what’s even more amazing is just how well it traverses a variety of terrain. Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post to see the little guy in motion, walking through a shallow stream and simply showing off the fact that it has three times as many legs as us pathetic bipods.

Lynxmotion AH3-R Hexapod Robot

With 18 servos, these robots move very well, and the leg lift and ride height can be adjusted manually by the user. If that sounds like too much geekery for you, there are also presets for various ‘terrain’ like grass or your kitchen tile. If that’s not -enough- geekery for you, then keep in mind that you can also use a PlayStation 2 controller to take command of your hexapod. Lynxmotion has a wide variety of kits, with the AH3-R pictured above. This bot will set you back $1,163.22 although you can alternately grab the CH3-R for a less bank-breaking $712.47. These kits are easy to assemble and only require simple tools, so a child could likely assemble their own walking robot pet with nothing more than adult supervision. Oh, and did I mention you can mod them? Check out the sweet, modded CH3-R below.

Lynxmotion CH3-R Hexapod Robot

If these awesome robots seem a bit too advanced or expensive for you at the moment, you could always start with something more ‘entry-level’ such as the Recon Rover, Roboscooper, or a Miniature, Interactive R2-D2.

Via: BotJunkie