You’ll Never Need to sWaP This Watch

For those of you who remember Bob’s trusty Glitch from Reboot, the new sWaP (for “Smart Watch and Phone”) Rebel watch/phone should be getting you pumped about bursting into the next game to save one of Mainframe’s sectors. Well, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but no watch to date has come close to packing so many radical features so as to make you feel like you’re the next Guardian of Mainframe.

Incredibly versatile while conserving accessibility, it’s difficult to think of a scenario the sWaP can’t enhance. First off, the hidden camera. What kind of a watch has a camera, let alone a video recording camera? You can take single pictures, or use its trusty three-shot mode to make sure you won’t miss a beat.

With a picture resolution of 80 x 60 to 640 x 480, it’s hard not to find something to take a shot of. It also crams a media player that supports the Midi, WAV, AAC, and MP3 formats for your favorite tunes as well as 3PG and MPEG-4 formats for the latest flicks. How can so small an accessory have the memory to store oh so much, you ask? The sWaP has a slot for a high capacity Micro SD card with a memory that can be expanded to 8GB! Following the latest trend in interactive technology, the sWaP’s functionality is of course controlled by the touch of your fingers on the screen.

Don’t think that the debilitating size of your fingers will make a difference, either; with the watch comes a sharply hidden stylus to make your life a whole lot easier. Another great spec of the sWaP is its voice recognition: speak to it and it will convert your words into text, a practical feature for those days you’ve got your hands tied up. However, the coolest feature by far is the GSM 4 Band. All of the sWaP’s capabilities have impressed so far, and its competence as a phone won’t be an exception. The GSM 4 Band spec allows the owner to tune into two of his/her home country’s mobile network frequencies and two others used in foreign countries. Talk about a Napoleon complex…

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Via: sWaP Rebel