The iPhone Nano Concept Makes You Wish For it to Come True

What if you take the amazing iPhone 4, throw a few inches off and add an iOS 4.2? Well it results in the creation of this amazing iPhone Nano, who’s dazzling looks, multi-touch interface and multi-tasking ability, all captured in a handset of only 2.9 inches will dazzle you beyond any other Apple creation.iPhone Nano Concept 1Living in a time where gadgets are getting smaller and smaller day-by-day we definitely need basic necessities like the iPhone shrunk down in size to make for a futuristic performance and spectacular looks as such.

iPhone Nano Concept 2

In addition to its small size, this iPhone Nano supports a 780×480 pixel resolution and boasts of a 5MP camera with flash, 3G+ connectivity, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0! There’s also a 720p video capture feature, as well as 16/32GB of internal memory and a Sensor Home button. What more would you want from a phone?

iPhone Nano Concept 3

This amazing iPhone Nano concept by Joy Studios just makes you wish for it to come true and wish you get it if not on this but at least on the next Christmas. Imagine having such a small touch screen device with functions on par with the iPhone 4. Brilliant!

iPhone Nano Concept 4

If you ask me, this phone would sell like hot cakes and beat the iPod and iPhone sales in less than half the time period. I just hope Steve Jobs is watching.

iPhone Nano Concept 5

You need to stop wishing for this phone now and get back to using your existing iPhone. So be sure to check out cool iPhone Apps like the Angry Birds Christmas App and the 5 Music Apps That Deserve To Be On Your iPhone.

Via: Concept-phones