Android’s Skype and Facebook Apps Get Updated

If you’re an Android user that’s been patiently waiting for significant updates to your OS’s Skype and Facebook apps, the wait is over.

Good things indeed come to those who wait. New features within the Skype update include being able to store the app on your device’s SD card (if it’s running Froyo 2.2) and using the app on Samsung Galaxy S phones (this should be obvious, but the previous version of Skype’s Android app didn’t support Galaxy S devices). If you store the app on your SD card, the data Skype uses while the app is running is still stored on the internal memory of your phone. It’s expected that this will take up around 15MB of space for most people.

To get the update, head to Skype’s mobile download site.

Facebook’s Android app has been updated and today’s update brings two of the most sought after features to Android: chat and push notifications.

Now, it’s unnecessary to download third party Android apps to chat with Facebook friends from Android devices. This feature in the update arguably puts the Android Facebook app on par with its iOS counterpart, although if lag and choppiness irritates you, the iOS version is still leagues ahead.

The addition of push notifications will provide your device with instant Facebook notifications on your Android phone, even when you are not using the app. For a long time, only BlackBerry’s Facebook application had legitimate push notifications (courtesy of RIM’s push email servers). Now, however, virtually all smartphone OS’s on the market have a Facebook app with instant notifications.

You can get the Version 1.5.0 update now in the Android Market.

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Via: Android Central