The Vuvuzela Alarm is the New Kyrptonite for Burglars

A distinctive memory of the soccer world cup that took place in South Africa this year had to be the loud and incredibly irritating vuvuzela. The two-foot plastic horn produced an ear numbing, bee-like sound which irritated many a viewer and player.

Imagine having not one, but five vuvuzelas, as an alarm to thwart burglars. The Alarm Monitoring Company has developed such a burglar alarm, which consists of five noisy vuvzelas and is called the VuVutech 5000, to kick-start the Ultimate Alarm Project.

The Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO), who is the leading specialist in monitored alarm systems and monitored CCTV supplies in the United Kingdom, decided to initiate the Ultimate Alarm Project as an internet community project that would bring together the wackiest and most intelligent of ideas for a burglar alarm. The project may seem all fun and games, but is has a serious purpose behind it: to create the best burglar alarm system.

In order to motivate the netizens to come up with creative ideas, Les Quigley (Founder and Chairman of the AMCO) has announced that he is ready to invest up to 1000 pounds to develop the best ideas and turn them into practical systems that could be used around the house. James Knowles, who is a security consultant with AMCO’s headquarters in New Yorkshire, is in charge of leading the project. Mr. Knowles feels that AMCO manufactures the best monitor alarm systems in the world and ideas from the internet community could help the company make even better alarm systems.

The VuVutech 5000 is the first idea to be designed by the AMCO team. With five vuvuzellas and five air horns, the vuvzela inspired alarm system is probably the most annoying in the world. No burglar in their right minds would want to take on the acoustic might of the South African specialty.

VuVutech has a Spartan aesthetic with five vuvuzelas and air horns attached to a rectangular plank of wood. The vuvzelas are colored in bright tones and add a dash of color to the minimalist alarm system. Though the VuVutech has a simple design, it has an ear shattering alarm all of 125 decibels. The alarm system is connected to a telephone line and can be activated by a remote monitoring station.

The Ultimate Alarm Project is a real opportunity for the internet population to make a name for themselves. If you wish to know more about the project, visit

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