Pick-Punch: Your DIY Guitar Pick Solution!

Plectrums are one of those small things in life that really matter the most- for a guitarist at the least! and loosing one, might send most of them looking for old Credit cards, plastic lids and other potential stuff around the house, but hey! someone went and invented the Pick Punch, the DIY guitar pick, thus putting an end to all the plectrum woes.

Pick punch 1

We are all familiar with the grave difficulties involved in fabricating a pick out of the old credit cards as the scissor would just not cut through and so is the case with most of the other potential materials.

Pick punch 2

This cool Pick Punch is the invention of designer Von Luhmann who obviously got too sick of loosing his guitar picks that he decided to really do something about it; the Pick Punch looks and functions much like a hole punch except that rather than generating confetti it makes guitar picks.

Pick punch 3

The best thing about this product is the fact that it aims in making  everything available to the guitarists in assisting them in fabricating their own custom picks, the website includes everything from tools to supplies, ‘how to’ videos and even a blog where users can share their ideas and designs.

Pick punch 5

After five years of working through the process of design, patent approval, CAD and tooling the Pick Punch currently comes in the traditional or 351 style pick shape which is depicted in the company logo, while the upcoming designs include a smaller Jazz pick, a teardrop pick, a smaller version of the triangle pick, and a version of the mandolin pick.

Pick punch 7

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