Harris Tweed Gadget Cases: When Geek Met Chic

These handsome cases for iPhones, iPads and laptops are made of genuine Harris Tweed, which gives them a very classy and mature look.

Tweed is a rough woolen fabric, traditional in Ireland and the UK. It’s generally associated with an old-fashioned and fussy sort of character; Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, for example, is famous for wearing neat tweed suits. In the past decades it’s fallen out of favour as a textile – assuming it was ever really in favour – though occasionally you’ll find a college professor wearing a tweed suit.

Tweed Ipad 2

However, in today’s rising nerd-chic culture, it’s starting to come back as a quirky yet attractive material; as a textile, it boasts a fascinating combination of colour and texture. And it’s absolutely perfect as a contrast to modern technology, which is anything but rough and wooly!

Tweed Iphone 1

As tech-savvy Internet voyagers, we’re comfortable with our super-sleek ultra-shiny brushed-steel tech toys, but we’re not the only people who use modern gadgets! Your grandfather or uncle probably finds his new laptop a bit intimidatingly futuristic, and your dad might feel that his office-assigned iPhone is just too space-age for his taste. These tweed cases make a perfect bridge between modern technology and retro fashion.

Tweed Ipad 1

There are three cases available, and you can pick from four different materials for each. The iPad one is my favourite, simply because the iPad is already a bit classy, as it’s somewhat of an e-book reader – you can buy it for £54.99. The iPhone case (which could easily also hold an iPod Touch) is the cheapest at only £19.99, and I think it’s also a great use of the material, as it serves as an accent piece.

Tweed Iphone 2

Finally, there’s the £59.99 laptop case, which does look quite attractive, but uses a wee bit too much fabric for my taste. I think that if tweed really does make a comeback, it’ll be as an accent rather than a head-to-toe look. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a full tweed suit while carrying one of these, but expect strangers to ask you how your neurobiological research is going.

Tweed Laptop 1

Some other classy and classical looking covers for portable gadgets include the sleek Rubik’s Cube inspired iPhone case, and the eternally hip Cassette Tape iPhone case.