Plants vs. Zombies Polymer Clay Figurines

The new set of six Plants vs. Zombies Polymer Clay Doll is here to help you enjoy the presence of these characters in the real world. You must have had fun playing the Plants vs. Zombies game and every time you out-beat the zombies your exhilaration must have known no boundaries. Now, imagine having these characters step out into the real world and be a part of your home. That sure is going to spell trouble for your garden. Besides the ugly and repulsive zombies will be a hell of a menace. You cannot destroy your plants fighting them.

But what if these characters prove to be adorable and pieces of décor for your house? Sounds quite weird but is true. Take a look at the new polymer clay doll set that includes six of the game’s characters and you will see for yourself how ‘lovely’ they look. The zombies do look ugly but that is what it they are supposed to be.

The set includes the plant characters of the Jalapeno, Kernel-pult, Magnet-shroom, and a Squash. All these plant sizes range between 2 – 2.8 inches. Though very small in size they are all prepared to take on the zombie force with all their might. The look on the faces of these plants speaks a lot about their wits. Place them in your home or in your car and they will be there to bring a smile on your face.

Along with these plants comes the third strongest zombie named Garangtuar. It is a gigantic character in the game and his size has been maintained in this set too. He towers before the plants standing at 6.3 inches in height. He is also accompanied by his Imp which is 3.5 inches high. Together the Garangtuar and his Imp are an unmatched pair and give a tough challenge to all plants. Would your set of plants be ready to fight the zombie and his Imp? You could set up a battle for them to decide the might of each.

All characters in the set have been made of polymer clay or PVC, as it is called. It is used for various purposes with sculpting being one of them. And this is how these PVZ characters have been given shape. Controversy has surrounded the use of this material and the health concerns related to working with this material due to the plasticizers used in it. However, things are yet in the researching stage with no concrete results. What matters here is the ‘charming’ set of characters that have been brought alive which brighten up everyone’s moods. Lay your hands on this adorable toy at $80.

Plant Vs Zombies toys are too adorable for anyone to miss. In the same series, you will also find Plants Vs Zombies Plush Toys and Plant Vs Zombies Clay Figures on the site.