Charge Up Your Energy Through Energy Tank Mug

For all you nerdy people out there, have you being working 24/7 ’round the clock or had a long tiring day? How about increasing some energy in an easy way? All you’ve got to do is get the Energy Tank Mug!

Yes, Mega Man is set to swing in full action. When you see the energy tank, you know there’s abundance of energy in store for you. Well, the Energy Tank Mug will just give you the same feeling!

And by energy, I do mean that you need to just recharge this tank mug by fueling it with some caffeine, just like the Battery Mug, so if you are interested in grabbing one of these right away, they are available for just $8.99 with a capacity of 11 oz.

One thing that surely makes this mug so cool is the Mega Man’s energy tank emblem on the mug. “E” definitely portrays the energy that’s going to be pumped down into you through the Mega blue mug, with an awesome comfortable handle and might just give you a positive feeling of energy getting recharged into you!

A cool shaped mug with high-end quality product and concept, just like the Tetris Coffee Mug or Canon’s Lens Mug, this Energy Tank Mug is a perfect souvenir for all Mega Man’s crazy fans.