OneMoreFace Enables Video Calling on Every Other Smartphone

The OneMoreFace, as it’s called by designer Ciccarese Design, is a simple attachment in the form of an array of prisms and mirrors that makes way for Video calling on your smartphone and is probably the best solution for any smartphone sans a front-facing camera.OneMoreFace 1

This clever little attachment clips onto the top of your phone and spectacularly sends a mirror image of the picture you’re capturing to the camera at the back. So if you want to enable video calling on your smartphone or if you’re clicking a self-picture or a pic with a famous celeb but you don’t have a front-facing camera phone like the iPhone 4 or HTC EVO, there’s no need to buy a new phone. This attachment miraculously does the trick!

OneMoreFace 2

Designed to fit on all smartphones, the metal body and dual mirror of the OneMoreFace outstandingly bring the rear camera to the front. So, it’s basically like looking at your face in the mirror then having it reflected to another mirror then displaying it to the camera. Quite a lengthy process but the OneMoreFace does it all in the blink of an eye!

OneMoreFace 3

In addition to its video call enabling function, the OneMoreCall also makes for a classy and stylish key chain. So, all we can do now is pray for this concept to touch reality in the near future!

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Via: Gizmos for Geeks