The Mr. Jones Watches: Have the Last Laugh

Mr. Jones watches “do more than just tell the time.” This is what the makers themselves have to say about their products. The Last Laugh is one such watch from the factory of the famous watch company.

Watches are no more used for the purpose of telling the time only. The entire idea of wearing or not wearing a watch is a matter of style. We try to make a style statement by the kind of watch we wear and designer watches are now available in plenty. Each one has its own set of luring factors and they all work marvelously.

The Last Laugh is an armless watch which has a skull face with eyes, nose and teeth instead. The nose and eyes are given a mirrored effect presenting an overall bizarre image of the skull. To tell the time you need not look for arms but need to stare into its gaping teeth to know what time of the day or night it is. Might sound quite gross but the idea have caught on and the watch has been accepted happily, especially from the young generation. The top row of teeth is for the hours while the bottom layer is for the minutes.

The skull on the face of the watch carries a mocking smile reminding everyone of the fact that that life is quite short and will end for everyone some day. And the mocking skull makes a point to remind you of this fact every time you look at it.

The colors of white and black have been played around with to achieve great results in appearance and design. The strap is also black in color with undyed white stitches running along its sides. The case is stainless steel keeping with the simple colors of the design.

Mr Jones has been in the market for around six years now and every watch that it has produced carries a message with it. Watches are not just treated as watches here. Each design is dealt with as an individual giving each one its own individual character. The Last Laugh has been designed sans arms which is so common in many other models of the company’s designs.

It will be quite a weird idea to wear a design depicting death on your wrist all day long but it is those ‘weird’ designs that really catch on and become instantly popular. So is the case with the Last Laugh. The initial launch contains only 100 pieces of the product and those who succeed in getting one will be having the ‘Last Laugh’.

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