The Future of The Air Guitar

Whomever claims to have never played the air guitar shouldn’t be trusted; even true musicianship isn’t detriment to one’s air guitar career. But, the Golden Age of the air guitar has yet to come, for a man named Mac Funamizu has designed the concept of a recording device that will translate the motion of your hands into music!

frostie 1

Called the ‘Frostie’, it’s a sleek, futuristic looking bracelet that can play the part of a real musical instrument. All you need to do is strap it to your wrist, shake it around and you’ve got yourself some sweet melodies! What’s more is that it will synthesize the crashing of piano keys or the thumping of a drum set too. The idea is that the Frostie senses the movement of your fingers, interprets it and then translates the movement accordingly.

frostie 2

How convenient is that? Sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, riding the bus on your way to school or having dinner with your family are now scenarios that are fit for playing music. You can show off your boogie skills wherever and to whomever (like that cute blonde in your Geography class) you want, becoming the center of attention or the life of the party. Heck, you’ll jump-start a party without even trying with that gizmo, ma.

Another great feature that the Frostie would have is voice recording. Not only would it interpret the movement of your hand, but it would also record your voice. Humming, singing or beatboxing, you can let your oral creativity flow as much as your rhythmic and melodic outpourings.

frostie 3

Oh, and did I mention that it would also be a digital music player?

Kudos to Mac Funamizu!

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Via: Frostie – Digital Music Player Concept