Top 160 Xmas Ornaments for a Geeky Christmas

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas are the amazing Xmas Trees we run across in shops, malls and homes of those closest to us. The thing we shouldn’t forget is that a major part of what makes the Tree light up, entertain and remain etched in our minds are the variety of Xmas Ornaments we hang on it.

In this beautiful Christmas collection we put together the top 160 Christmas Ornaments which are aimed for Geeks who love video games, comic books, Anime, Star Wars and additional Geeky themes. It includes homemade Xmas ornaments, kids Christmas ornaments and many others which are sure to brighten up your Holiday.

We hope you enjoy the huge Christmas collection and have a Merry Christmas!

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments (38 Pics)

Star Wars geeks still love Christmas, as we clearly saw with the many Star Wars Christmas Gadgets. With the following Xmas ornaments, we see the epic saga come to life on your actual Christmas trees. Many of the great ornaments include many of the characters you love from Star Wars, such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and many more. For the full Gallery of the Star Wars Christmas Ornaments click on any image below.

xmas ornaments star wars darth vader luke skywalker

xmas ornaments star wars r2d2

xmas ornaments star wars millennium falcon

xmas ornaments star wars atat

xmas ornaments star wars boba fett

xmas ornaments star wars yoda

Homemade Xmas Ornaments for the Modern Geek (25 Pics)

Being a geek does not necessarily deprive you from celebrating Xmas in a nice and exciting fashion; there are many ways to profess your geeky nature and still hang some fun. In this section, we added some Geeky Hommade Xmas Ornaments which are truly unique in the subjects that they address. Some of the Handmade ornaments which are covered are the Angry Birds, Steve Jobs, Steampunk, Bacon and South Park. Each is directed at a different Geek, but it seems Christmas unites them all. For the full Gallery of the Homemade Xmas Ornaments click on any image below.

christmas ornaments angry birds red

christmas ornaments steampunk ball

christmas ornaments bacon angel

christmas ornaments angry birds yellow

christmas ornaments south park handmade ornaments

christmas ornaments death star lego ball

Comic Book Characters Christmas Ornaments (24 Pics)

Comic Book lovers can also find their place on the Christmas Tree with some of the coolest and most amazing Comic Book characters Christmas Ornaments. These include Spiderman, Wolverine, Batman, Xmen, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man and Hellboy. For the full Gallery of the Comic Book Characters Christmas Ornaments click on any image below.

xmas ornaments wolverine comic

xmas ornaments iron man comic

xmas ornaments superman comic

xmas ornaments spiderman comic

xmas ornaments batman comic

xmas ornaments hulk comic

Video Game Xmas Ornaments (29 Pics)

It may take some effort to convince gamers to step away from their game, but perhaps adding some Video Game flare to the Xmas Tree would do just the trick. For those gamers who are looking to get into the Christmas spirit, here are a number of video game related decorations that include handmade Xmas ornaments, real gaming accessories decorations in many different themes: gaming consoles, Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Gears of War and more. For the full Gallery of the Video Game Xmas Ornaments click on any image below.

christmas ornaments pacman arcade

christmas ornaments nes controller

christmas ornaments video game controllers

christmas ornaments yoshi character

christmas ornaments gears of war ball

christmas ornaments princess peach character

Anime Christmas Ornaments

Fans of Anime would get a kick out of the ability to decorate their Christmas Tree with some of their favorite characters which are sexy, detailed or just plain fun. The collection consists of Naruto, Lucky Star, Domo, Haruhi Suzumiya, Bishojo and a few more. For the full Gallery of the Anime Christmas Ornaments click on any image below.

christmas ornaments anime naruto

christmas ornaments anime bishojo

christmas ornaments anime Haruhi Suzumiya

christmas ornaments anime lucky star

christmas ornaments anime kodama

More Geeky Xmas Ornaments fun (23 Pics)

If you still haven’t found the right Xmas ornament to decorate your tree, then here are additional Geeky themes that would make your Christmas Tree out of this world. The Geeky themes include Star Trek, Harry Potter, Futurama, LED, M&M’s and more Geeky inspiration. For the full Gallery of the Geeky Xmas Ornaments click on any image below.

xmas ornaments star trek kirk spock

xmas ornaments futurama bender

xmas ornaments harry potter

xmas ornaments futurama leela

xmas ornaments singing m&m

xmas ornaments circuit boards