Phonofone III Ceramic Amplifier For iPhone

Science and Sons’ Phonofone III, the first ever ceramic amplifier is endowed with state-of-the-art features and a unique design.

Phonofone III Amplifier

This very new amplifier has been strictly designed for iPhone to amplify the sound released by the internal speaker of an iPhone by 4x, i.e., 60 decibels. The basic features of the Phonofone III comprise its compatibility with the iPhone Gen1, 3G, 3GS and 4G.

PHONOFONE III Ceramic Amplifier

You might have seen Portable Amplifier for iPhone 4 but Phonofone III looks cooler and is indeed bigger than the portable one. The external appearance of the amplifier further gets enhanced for its handmade design. But from one point of view if the ceramic made body of the amplifier is enhancing its beauty, then from another perspective the amplifier gets fragile enough for rough use as well.

People who are fond of making a collection of special things rather than buying it for regular use would definitely like ordering for a piece of this ceramic made amplifier. Whatsoever, with the introduction of the Phonofone III, the Science and Sons has again done a good job to get a worldwide highlight and quite many iPhone users are delighted to find it!


Now this news about the Phonofone’s III amplifier will make people rush for it that only the first edition of the Phonofone III has been launched and the total number of pieces out in the market is just 50. Although more pieces of the amplifier are to follow but still grabbing the first few pieces will be an unmatchable and unique feeling for its owner. Next influencing factor is that the Phonofone III costs only $195 CAD. For buyers placing order from Canada a 13% harmonized sales tax will be applied extra.

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