Super Mario Bros Aprons: Chef or Domesticated Video Game Hero?

Cooking is an art and those who are into it often turn their kitchen into an amazing geeky den with right kind of appliances, accessories and designer kitchen aprons. For such kitchen geeks, who love wearing beautiful kitchen aprons and cooking great delights, here are customized kitchen aprons inspired by Super Mario Bros game characters.  Bethany Sew-&-Sew has created His & Hers aprons alluding to Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Princess Daisy. Aprons look simply stunning, Super Mario Bros fans will love to add them to their collectibles.

super mario bros kitchen aprons

It is interesting to see thematic kitchen aprons based on gaming characters making their way into geeky households, especially kitchens. Princess Peach and Princess Daisy colorful aprons with frills will lift even spirits of women who hate daily drudgery of cooking.

Mario and Luigi aprons are adorable too, the designs and color combination are derived directly from Mario and Luigi costumes. These aprons will inspire fans to embark on a new adventure in kitchen (cooking and not plumbing) to save hungry souls of the planet. Overall Bethany’s designs are very neat, creative and stylish. Sadly, she has not yet put them for sale on her Etsy store. If you really want to sport Mario themed clothes this Christmas then you could try awesome Mario T-Shirt or  Mario Bros Get a Life T-shirt.

Via: The Daily What