Show Your Fists of Fury with Bruce Lee USB Drives

From the professional Sandisk Cruzer Titanium drives to the more unique Golden Robot, there are all types of themed USB drives out there to appeal to every sort of crowd. I haven’t seen may action-themed USB drives yet though, and this Bruce Lee USB drive definitely fills that gaping hole in the niche.

For those unfamiliar, Bruce Lee was a martial artist who instructed World Karate champions such as Chuck Norris. His legacy lives on in his films and his own system of martial arts, known as Jeet Kune Do.

Pretec Bruce Lee USB Flash Drives

Bruce Lee was famous for starring in films such as “Enter the Dragon” and “Game of Death”, which is where his iconic yellow jumpsuit originates. Pretec has released three USB drives inspired by Bruce Lee, one of which features this same iconic yellow suit. This model of Bruce Lee has a remarkable resemblance to his facial expression, and his holding a rod. I think it would’ve been cooler if he was holding nunchuks, but from the image it seems to look more like a rod. Nonetheless, this USB drive still screams the Bruce Lee vibe.

The second USB drive is a bullet-shaped drive, which has a cap that can be removed. When the cap is removed, there is a chain connecting the cap to the body which makes it look exactly like a really stubby, but sweet, pair of nunchuks. This drive is engraved with little accented thumbnails of Bruce Lee performing a jump kick. Apparently, this bullet-shaped drive is also waterproof and fireproof, and even bulletproof. I don’t suggest you put that to the test though: the shell around it might be bulletproof, but your data isn’t! 😛

Pretec Bruce Lee Swivel Drive

Lastly, Pretec has crafted a swivel USB drive with the image of Bruce Lee printed on. This drive seems to be the most serious out of the three, and will probably be the most subtle. It features a hole for a keychain to go through. If you’re a professional and still want to show your love of martial arts, this drive is the one for you.

These drives all come ia range of sizes, from 4GB to 16GB, which allows for plenty of storage to back up important documents and media files to.

Action film fanatics and martial arts lovers, now is the time to move from your boring ol’ thumb drive to this butt-kicking one.

Via: EverythingUSB and GizmoAgent