Rock Out, Papercraft Style: Electric Guitar Paper Model Kit

Papercrafts really never cease to amaze me. I mean if you told me you were going to make a model guitar that looks exactly like the genuine article, I’d be skeptical to be sure. Still, this Pepakura Electric Guitar Paper Model Kit looks like you could pick it up and start rocking out right now. You shouldn’t of course, since you would probably tear it apart, but the point stands. Who’s up for a game of paper rock band? (If they can do paper Mario, this can’t be that much of a stretch).

Part of the reason the guitar is such an accurate representation is that it was designed by both paper engineers (how do I get to add that job title to my resume? Seriously, that sounds fantastic) and professional musicians in order to create a replica that was true to the original source. This means that all the bells and whistles are attached. You can easily see the tuning pegs, control knobs, bridge, strings, and so on and so forth. Pepakura is actually a series of paper instruments created by HANDSON (Surprise! They’re based in Japan). The instructions come with 136 pre-cut parts so youc an get started right away. Best of all you don’t need to rely on your own hand dexterity to cut out the pieces properly as all that work has been done for you. once completed, the guitar stands at a respectable 30cm. Not bad at all if I do say so, and as the manufacturer states, this will definitely “strike a chord with you!” Get it? Cause it’s a guitar…OK I’m done. Expect to pay for the detail, though, as the model clocks in at $69.50.

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