Walyou Random Roundup [December 25, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for December 25, 2010 includes Christmas posts from Walyou and also Superheroes, commodore 64, flux capacitor, iPhone 4, Ninja Turtles, Bookends, Nexus S, Santa Facetime, NES Table and more. We hope you enjoy the roundup, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fun Christmas Posts:

xmas trees collection 2010

100 Xmas Trees

160 Christmas Ornaments

19 iPhone, iPad and Android Christmas Apps

23 Xmas Wallpapers


1. Kyle Announces Relationship On Facebook (I Am Bored)

2. The 10 Most Badass Sports Moments Of 2010 (MTV)

3. The Platypus: Nature’s “Swiss Army Knife” (Dark Roasted Blend)

4. Billy Beer: The Reason Billy Carter Quit Drinking  (Mental Floss)

5. 26 Creative Bookend Designs (GadgetHer)

6. The Craziest, Cheapest and Funniest International Superheroes (Asylum)

7. Tauntr on Maxim Will Goggans Chin (Maxim)

8. Vincent Cassel: Iconic Player (Ask Men)

9. Pitch-Perfect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tribute (URLesque)

10. Mark Wahlberg To Star As Nathan Drake In ‘Uncharted’ Movie (PS3Maven)

11. Commodore 64 makes a comeback as fully functional PC (Geek With Laptop)

12. Defense Contractor Takes Inspiration from the Batmobile (Comics Alliance)

13. Flux Capacitor iPhone 4 Decal (Geeky Gadgets)

14. I Still Want One: Worst Knock-Off Phone Ever (Geekologie)

15. Sleep well with Sona Anti Snore Pillows (GadgetHim)

16. Nexus S Video Calls Made Possible with Tango (GadgetVenue)

17. Rumor: Sony Playstation Phone is Xperia Play (Coated)

18. Video: Apple Stores put up creepy Santa FaceTime displays (GadgetLite)

19. SlapTheApp – the iPhone stress reliever (TechChee)

20. A NES Coffee Table — Now Your Decorating Your Living Room With Power (WiiNoob)