Top 100 Xmas Trees for a Geeky Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. In addition to loads of Christmas gifts, X-mas music and tons of decorations ‘decking the halls’ worldwide are the beautiful Christmas trees that are displayed proudly everywhere by folks with the Christmas spirit. Enjoy this great collection of 100 of the most beautiful Xmas trees that we came across on the ‘net, including bright, colorful and artificial X-mas trees.
The following are some of the most bizarre, geeky, creative and beautiful Christmas tree designs found throughout the globe. Enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season and, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you get all you asked for from Santa Claus.

Beautiful Creative Christmas Trees (19 Pics)

The Holiday Season inspires many new artists and designers, who seem to always raise the bar in terms of creativity and thought. Here you can find some beautiful and extremely creative Xmas Trees, which are inspiring to all. They include such trees as the one made of 5 gallon water bottles, the one built on top of a reindeer carousel, an ice-sculpted one from Austria, some colorful and bright ones from Singapore, among many additional Christmas creations. For the full Gallery of the Creative Christmas Trees click on any image below.


christmas trees reindeer carousel

christmass tree ice sculpture design

christmas tree singapore design

christmas trees blue led bottle

christmas trees yellow led bottle

christmas tree bright colors design

christmas tree wire circles design

Bizarre Christmas Trees (27 Pics)

For those who want a little different taste of the regular Christmas trees they are used to, there are some bizarre Xmas tree designs that are found worldwide. Some are lit with LED, one is stacked with Sushi, a few were created using regular pencils and several are a little difficult to explain, such as the Barbie head one. These may not be up your alley in terms of creating within your own living room, but the Christmas tree is a big part of the holiday celebration no matter how you twist the holiday tradition. For the full Gallery of the Bizarre Xmas Trees click on any image below.

christmas trees led cubes 1

christmas trees sushi rolls

christmas tree wood pencils

christmas tree iphone applications

christmas tree computer monitor screen

christmas tree donut stack

christmas tree barbie doll head

christmas tree colorful straws

Cool and Weird Xmas Trees (36 Pics)

While Christmas is a bright and beautiful holiday, one must change things around a bit to keep the excitement alive and have everyone look forward to it each year. The following X-mas trees were brought to life by creative minds that have discovered different ways to display a Christmas tree and still keep it beautiful, colorful and entertaining. This included various Xmas trees from around the world, weird ones you wouldn’t usually expect to see, a few scary ones and even some environmentally friendly Christmas trees. Maybe you will get a fantastic idea from the following holiday trees and come up with your own personal weird, offbeat Christmas tree designs. For the full Gallery of the Cool Xmas Trees click on any image below.

christmas tree dr who dalek

christmas tree beer bottle tree

christmas tree stop light

christmas tree stop lights

christmas tree neon lights

christmas tree upside down

christmas tree weird design

christmas tree luxury

christmas tree mountain dew cans

Geeky Christmas Trees (18 Pics)

Geeks also have the Christmas spirit, even though they may have irregular ways to decorate their tree during Christmas. Here are some of the geekiest Christmas trees from around the ‘net, which show that geeks really know how to keep the Holiday spirit alive. A few worth mentioning are the stunning Pac-man Christmas tree, the tree projector, the LED battery tree, the math tree and you can see all the rest are just as geeky. For the full Gallery of the Geeky Christmas Trees click on any image below.

pacman christmas tree design

christmas tree projector gadget

christmas tree oled light

christmas tree hard drive

christmas tree for math geeks

christmas tree led battery

christmas tree qbert

christmas tree book stack