Charge All of Your Gadgets with ElectroHub

A sleek, rectangular device colored in black sits on an ivory white table. The stark contrast of ivory white and dark black is enough to draw the attention of the eye towards it. As the eyes explore the sleek black device, two squares articulated by silver lines come into focus.The sleek rectangular device is the spanking new ElectroHub, a wireless charging station. There is a sense of excitement and trepidation amongst Gadget geeks over the wireless charging station. CES 20011, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, is set to unveil the ElectroHub for the very first time.

A wireless charging station is a boon in an age of multiple electronic devices. There is the cell phone, digital camera, and portable media player that all need to be charged. Instead of lugging around multiple chargers, a single wireless charging station can charge your multiple devices at one go.

ElectroHub allows users to charge multiple electronic gadgets simply by placing the gadgets on the Hub’s square pads. The device would be connected to an electric outlet and would charge your device. The user does not have to fret over multiple chargers and can get their gadgets recharged from one single station.

There has been quite a buzz about wireless charging stations this year. The Powermat, Wildcharger, and Energizer’s Q1 inductive charger have all been talked about in tech forums and blogs. The ElectroHub follows in the footsteps of these wireless charging stations, but the device has one feature not mirrored by the rest.

The ElectroHub works with virtually any electronic device and the reason why there is tremendous buzz surrounding this particular charging station is that it comes with specialized ElectroHub Batteries. Charging stations like the Powermat and Windcharger need devices to be compliant to their charging standard. Interchanging the existing batteries of the device with ElelctroHub batteries, the ordinary device can be charged without any special case.

Another competitive advantage of the extremely good-looking wireless charging station is its portability factor. Measuring an ultra slim 9.2 inches by 6.1 inches by 0.8 inch and weighing only 11 ounces, the ElectroHub can be carried around wherever your gadgets would go. The device is also an ace at multitasking and can charge up to six devices at one time.

When people and devices are always on the go, there is a need for a charging station that too can be on the go. The ElectroHub promises to be one such wireless charging station.

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Via: Cnet