Moon Watch-ing: The Man On the Moon Tells Time

Staring into the moon is one of the most captivating pastimes on our little world. Why not ‘watch’ it wherever you go? With the Korona Moonshine, watching the moon is as convenient as checking the time, um … literally.


The Korona Moonshine is a spectacular display of the expert craftsmanship of Sarpaneva. Sporting an almost Native American-looking moon-face for its display, you can carry that fantastic view with you wherever you go! And, in staying true to the moon’s often fluctuating hue, you can have it in three different color schemes: silver, gold with a silver interior or silver with a gold interior.

k-moonshine 3

Make no mistake, though; the Moonshine is made of pretty hefty stuff. Coated with black diamond, the face of the moon is made of either sterling silver or 18-karat gold depending on the color scheme. Even the buckle on the leather strap is made of solid gold.

It also comes in a stainless steel or solid 18-karat gold case, with a stainless steel or solid gold crown, lined with with 1.5 mm thick sapphire crystal and anti-reflection coating on its inside. Water-resistant up to 5 ATM, it’s the perfect protection for this awesome watch.

Perhaps with the rotation of the moon around the earth in mind, a unique feature of the Korona Moonshine is its handless dial. Rather than having two separate hands to indicate the time of day, the circular dial rotates instead, its hour-marks passing a stationary needle underneath the chin of the moon.

Like most prestigious watches, the Korona Moonshine isn’t powered by a battery but by your movement. But even on those sedentary days, the Moonshine – like the striking moon herself – just won’t stop cycling because it has a 42-hour power reserve.

However, the Moonshine’s true homage to the moon is its following of her phases. Besides telling you what time of the day it is, the watch’s mechanics also integrate each phase of the moon!

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Via: The Korona Moonshine

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