Bluestacks Brings Android Apps to your Computer

Running Android apps on a Windows computer could prove useful for more than just app developers. Android users are now able to test the apps prior to porting them to the mobile device. Bluestacks is a piece of software that makes all this possible.

Bluestacks is currently in the alpha stage of development, but it will soon be available on Windows devices. Bear in mind that this piece of software will also run on Windows tablets and laptops, and not only in desktop computers that have this operating system. In fact, ViewSonic is meant to launch soon a tablet that will run Windows 7 and Android via Bluestacks.

The Android apps run on Bluestacks exactly how they would on your smartphone, but you have several additional advantages. First of all, you take advantage of a screen resolution that is way higher than the one of your smartphone. This will surely be appreciated by app developers who will be able to observe each GUI element of the app interface in greater detail. Next, you are now able to use a fully-fledged keyboard (provided that you do not run Bluestacks on a tablet, case in which the keyboard is virtual), as well as a mouse. This makes interaction with the elements of the app a lot easier. You may not have a hardware keyboard on the tablet, but in this case, you will have an additional feature: multi-touch is enabled. Obviously, this feature is also available on desktops and laptops that have touchscreen monitors.

Another advantage of Bluestacks is the fact that there are no more space restrictions. Not that Android apps are very large, but with Bluestacks, you will be able to install as many of these apps as your hard drive can hold. In addition, you will not be required to reboot the computer when switching between Windows and Android, as this change is done instantly. In the video featured below you will notice the entire set of features of Bluestacks.

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