Mamba Shift Gadget Backpack by Booq: Stabilizing your Shifts

Many of us are living life in shifts. We either shift roles in one place or shift locations. It would not be wrong to say that life resembles that of nomads in quite a few aspects. To keep ourselves well equipped in these varying locations and duties we carry all our working material with us. For some, it is less and others it is more.

If you are one of those who does not need to carry much luggage around, life is easy. But if you belong to the clan that has to depend upon loads of equipment then there is a bit of a problem. How do you carry your stuff? Its time to erase those lines of tension from your forehead as there now is an answer to your problems. The new Mamba Shift from Booq is here to help you through your day to day shifts. You could call it a bag if you wish to but in reality it is a lot more than one. It is capable of carrying your whole world with you.

From the exterior the Mamba Shift looks like any other laptop bag. It has a decent size with well placed pockets. The black color is pretty elegant. Use it for casual or formal purposes it fits in every where. What sets it apart from all other bags is its interior.

Once you open the main compartments you realize its real capacity. The laptop compartment is very well padded which gives your laptop extra protection. The middle section has multiple pockets to accommodate just about anything you would think of placing in it. It would not be surprising if you run out of objects to place in the bag.

There is ample space for storing documents, a keychain for keeping your keys secured, and a host of pockets for storage. Be it your computer accessories, chords, mobile phone accessories, stationary or just about anything that you need there is enough space. The shoulder strap has an elastic pop-out pocket for your iPhone. The side pockets are comfortably placed for easy access. You also get an extra zipper pouch for added storage.

This is one bag on which you can depend to carry all your required material. It is like carrying your job on your shoulders. But what if you lose the bag? You would end up losing more than just a bag. Do not worry. Each Mamba Shift comes with a unique Terralinq badge and serial number which makes it easy to locate a lost bag. In this world of constant changes here is one bag that helps give stability to your life.

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Via: Gadgets Gunaxin