Boston Dynamics Unveils SDK For Spot on GitHub

SDK of Spot

Boston Dynamics has just announced that it has set free the SDK of Spot, its famed robotic dog. Whoever wants to download the SDK can do so via GitHub. It’s a good opportunity for those who are into robotics as a hobby or even as a profession. Whoever has access to the SDK can develop custom applications that allow the spot to perform a number of useful tasks in different industries. 

Until now, the SDK was available only for early adopters. Now, just anyone can access the open-source code and start developing away. If you would like to test your code on a robot, you will still need to be an early adopter. Some developers may wonder why they would need an early adopter’s access anyway. 

Here are the reasons why one still needs early adopter access

  • You can customize how the robot can be controlled
  • Sensor information can be analyzed using data analytics 
  • Custom payloads in order to enhance the capabilities of the robot 
  • Teach sport to do things that it normally can’t do
  • Make it learn things that it is by default not able to

SDK For Spot helps robotics enthusiasts 

A number of people have taken robotics as a hobby and it is quite surprising how quickly it has become geeks’ favorite pastime. However many people were not able to create applications or even learn how to build robotic apps. This was mainly due to the lack of access to the early adopter program. As Boston Dynamics has now unveiled the SDK of sport for everyone, robotics science enthusiasts can simply start building away. 

If you were wondering how to start building applications for spot, here is what you need to do: 

  • Go to GitHub and download the SDK for Spot
  • Identify what you would like to teach Spot
  • Customize your application for Spot
  • Test the application before finalizing it

Building robotic applications is a valuable skill

There is an immense future to robotic devices such as Spot. These devices can be used in industries manufacturing units factories shipping locations and just about everywhere else. In fact, robotics may very well change the way we deliver services to individuals and businesses. Not surprisingly, a lot of people want to get into robotics even as a hobby. And thanks to Boston dynamics, now everybody can.