Waymo’s Self Driving Minivans to Arrive in Texas and New Mexico

Alphabet has long been working on self-driving minivans and vehicles. Its subsidiary Waymo will now branch out to Texas and New Mexico. This comes after a successful jaunt in Arizona and the metro Phoenix area. Waymo already operates its self-driving Chrysler Pacificas and long-haul semi-trucks. These autonomous vehicles will now spread out to New Mexico and Texas as well and help in the company’s trucking business. Yet, nobody knows what these vehicles will carry and if they will ever be open to the public sometime in the future. 

Waymo’s self-driving minivans may collect navigational data for satellite mapping tools

Insiders believe Waymo will use the minivans to map roads and add information to satellite mapping tools. They also believe these vans will not carry cargo right away, and will instead be manned by experienced truck drivers. People can soon expect these Chrysler Pacifica minivans in cities such as Dallas, El Paso, and Houston. 

Waymo has a lot of opportunities in the trucking business. As deliveries and shipping go skyrocketing thanks to e-commerce, the need for more efficient and safer trucking methods will be a priority. The company’s efforts are a step in the right direction and will help the company to establish itself as a self-driving pioneer. 

Waymo’s efforts are a window to its business strategy in the future

The self-driving pioneer’s goal is to establish itself as a market leader when it comes to self-driving vehicles. However, it has often had to deal with a number of regulations and compliance issues. The safety records of self-driving vehicles are not clearly established and authorities are often concerned about their roadworthiness. There have been instances of self-driving vehicles causing casualties while on the road during testing. 

Waymo has much to prove to skeptics

Waymo needs to prove that its minivans are going to remain safe on the road without causing accidents or injuries. This will ensure that the company has a lot of potential in the future. As the e-commerce industry grows, the need for self-driving trucks will become apparent. In addition, self-driving vehicles can collect valuable information about traffic, GPS locations, and other such information in real-time. 

Meanwhile, Texas and New Mexico residents can look forward to Waymo trucks. They will soon be rolling along their highways without actual drivers.