What Breaking Bad Would Look Like If It Were a LEGO Video Game

The geek behind LEGO Breaking Bad: The Video Game works neither for the creators of the TV show, nor for the Danish construction toys manufacturer, but this didn’t stop to create something truly unique.

In fact, Brian K Anderson made this to express his admiration both for AMC’s hit television drama, and for the building blocks he played with as a kid. If you haven’t watched the first four seasons of the show yet, you probably shouldn’t watch this animation, either, as it contains a lot of spoilers pertaining to those particular episodes.

The animator goes ahead and tells people right from the beginning that LEGO Breaking Bad: The Video Game is a parody, and that it does not contain footage from an actual game, “but if they made it, I would TOTALLY play it.” So would we, Brian, so would we!

The fake game was apparently created with video game consoles in mind, as it says “PRESS START” right after displaying the logo. Another hint is the instruction to connect the second controller when choosing the characters to enable the second player. There are two game modes, named “Story” and “Free Play”, and I think that their names are rather self-explanatory.

Speaking of the characters, there are 16 of them to choose from, from Walter White and Jessie Pinkman to others, all of them designed in LEGO style. Besides these, there are 35 empty spots, that would be filled with smaller characters, in case this game became a reality.

LEGO BB: TVG was created in such a way that it resembles Traveler’s Tales very much. Brian is open to suggestions as to what other parodies he could create in the future. Personally, I’d like to see a LEGO video game version of Game of Thrones. If you expected to see any spoilers in this post, I apologize for having disappointed you! You’ll have to watch the Brian’s video to get those.

LEGO had better hire this guy and obtain a license from AMC to turn the Breaking Bad video game into something real. Brian did not only create this incredibly good animation, but he also put out some LEGO Breaking Bad wallpapers for the fans of the show. The two wallpapers presented above are in fact the backgrounds of the loading screens from the fake game.

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