Food Brew your own coffee on your car, and never be late again!

Brew your own coffee on your car, and never be late again!

We’ve had it wrong all this time. While most travel mugs intend to keep the coffee warm as you drive, along comes this one that brews a hot one for you.


The coffee brewing process is what takes up most of the time before leaving home, and god knows mornings get pretty stressful as they are without the pressure of being late factoring in. That’s where the Hey Joe Coffee Mug comes in, by allowing coffee drinkers to enjoy and brew coffee in the same cup, all the while they’re on the car already! And, no, forget all about French presses, this is the real deal.


The coffee making process is simple enough: slip in a single-serve coffee pod (or, you could even use ground beans) into the tray at the mug, and hit the power button. Once it’s done, you can just drink by opening it and drinking, like you would with any regular travel mug. Just add sugar and cream at your own discretion, and you might as well forget you have a living room entirely and straight up live inside your car.

Source: Cool Things


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