Brother PocketJet 7 Is a Truly Portable Printer

Brother’s line of portable printers is getting refreshed, and the new member, named simply PocketJet 7, lets you print full pages anywhere, anytime.

Nowadays, the goal of most hardware manufacturers and peripherals makers is to get rid of wires and cables in departments where only the idea of wireless devices would’ve sounded crazy not long ago. Thus, we’re getting wireless charging for smartphones and tablets, routers that function without being plugged into power outlets, and even portable scanners. However, until recently, the fact that a printer was wireless only meant that it can communicate via Wi-Fi to computers and mobile devices. With its PocketJet line, Brother redefines the entire concept, and enables users to carry a fully-fledged printer in their backpacks.

Brother lists the following features as PocketJet 7’s strong points:

  • 8.5″ wide print head
  • Up to 8ppm print speeds
  • Replaceable rechargeable Li-ion battery available
  • Thermal printing technology – no ribbons, inks or toners required
  • Only one consumable – direct thermal media on cut sheets, continuous roll or perforated roll
  • Simplified, space-saving in-vehicle mounting options
  • Compatible with traditional PC and Mac® drivers
  • USB interface standard; models available with Apple AirPrint™,
  • Wi-Fi® or MFi Bluetooth® technology

The printer manufacturer developed PocketJet 7 around a concept named Freedom Architecture. With so many connectivity options, users can print full pages using documents from their smartphones, tablets, or notebooks, regardless of the operating system that’s on these devices. On top of that, Brother’s latest mobile thermal printer can be connected to AirPrint, and it is also Google Cloud Print Ready. In other words, you can even leave it at home, and assuming that it’s powered on and connected to your local wireless network, it can print whatever you want. All you need to do is select it as the current printer on your mobile device.

PocketJet 7 wasn’t created only for active businessmen. As a matter of fact, it could prove useful for delivery services, health care providers, insurance companies, law enforcement, and basically anyone who still deals on a daily basis with paperwork that needs printed right away. Think of the mobile apps for forms that could be created for such tasks, only!

The fact that it’s compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS is a major strong point, but if you consider that it doesn’t require any drivers for any of these operating systems, you’ll realize that Brother has done away with most of our past headaches.

Brother’s PocketJet 7 portable printer will be available in several versions differentiated by connectivity. According to the manufacturer, there will be Workforce, Vehicle, Developer and Basic Kits, depending on the environment this mobile printer will be used in. While the price has yet to be disclosed by the manufacturer, the previous generation was priced between $380 and $550, so we can expect this one to be within that range, too.

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Via: SlashGear