15 Interesting Calendar Designs to Hang on Your Wall

An interesting calendar will have people staring at it, wondering if it actually says the date, or is some really interesting wall art. Why not have both!

January is going to be here before you know it and you know what that means….no, not that the Mayans were wrong in their doomsday calculation (woohoo!), but that you can go and purchase a new calendar. And yes, there are numerous “run of the mill” calendars, but you are not a “run of the mill” kind of person, are you? Of course not! Rather than a regular calendar showing pictures of pretty flowers or your local fire department in interesting positions and wearing minimal clothing (hubba hubba), why not get an odd, interesting calendar? It will serve two functions – aside from telling the month and date, it will also provide an interesting talking piece and great decoration fodder for any room!

Manilla Envelope Calendar


The colors on the calendar represent holidays, which you can find out by pulling the paper out of the envelope. While it is a pretty cool calendar design, you have to wonder how durable it is. I’ve seen manila envelopes go through the ringer when being mailed!

 Love Calendar

Perfect for those couples in need of some therapy, or for people who like to keep track of their relationship…whatever works. But I tel you what, if that right-bottom corner of the heart isn’t filled out for days and days, there may be trouble on the horizon!

Smiley Face Calendar

Ever wish you could tell how someone is feeling before having to go and talk to them? You know, you don’t want to make a bad day worse or a good day bad? Well, this calendar pretty much lets people know if you are approachable. Hmmm, maybe I should get one of those!

Pocket Calendar

Is that a calendar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Hmmm…..no.

Artsy Calendar

How about a calendar that, at first glance, does not look like a calendar, but a piece of art? Talk about being innovative but not necessarily practical. I like to cross off my days of the week, that wouldn’t look so aesthetically pleasing on this calendar.

Monthly Measure Calendar

Not only is this calendar a universal one (you can use it over and over again instead of having to repurchase a new calendar some time in December), but it is also a ruler. Talk about handy and convenient.

Zoo Calendar

If you like animals and want a more interesting calendar design, these 3D calendars are perfect! Look, I have a mini ostrich on my desk! (One of those sentences you never thought you were going to read; yea, I just wrote it.)

Puzzle Calendar

Definitely not your ordinary monthly calendar, the puzzle calendar is perfect for fidgety people who do not know how to sit still, including yours truly. If you are bored while at work (and who isn’t), you can play around and create interesting puzzle designs that still tell you what day of the month it is!

MoMA Jumping Point Calendar

All you have to do is punch out the day and it will reveal not only the date, but also a color. It’s interactive and pretty!

Balloon Calendar

Again, moving away from the sort of “vanilla” calendar designs, this calendar definitely has a POP to it! Now you can have your calendar on a balloon! Who doesn’t like balloons?! Just be careful it doesn’t prematurely deflate or some office meany doesn’t come around to burst your balloon!


Magnetic Calendar

Anything with magnets is cool in my book and this magnetic calender can be used every year. Not only are their numbered magnets, but also ones with designs, denoting an important event. It is just a fun calendar to have on your fridge. And bonus, now you have those magnets you always wanted!

Ink Calendar

Ink from a pre-filled bottle is taken and released slowly throughout the month, filling the current date. It is a fully functional calendar and a great piece of art. And don’t worry,the ink will not drip on the floor. (I know you were wondering that as well.)

Chrono-Shredder Calendar

Time never stops…time is irrevocable…time past can never be retrieved – whatever you want to go with here, it works. This calendar continuously shreds paper each and every day with a trail of shredded paper just below it. It is printed on a roll of paper and shreds one day every 24 hours. There is no “off” switch and every second, more and more paper gets shredded. Is it just me, or does this calendar kind of put your life into perspective??

Apple Calendar

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this will remind you to eat it. At the start of every month, users put between 28 and 31 apples (depending on the month) into the slide machine. At the start of every day, they take out the next apple and eat it, revealing what day it is. The only major flaw is by the time you get to the end of the month, the apples are probably brown and icky…eating one of those will do the exact opposite of the age-old saying – it  WILL send you to the doctor!

Matches Calendar

I would think this would be a perfect calendar for pyros and “one cigarette a day” smokers. Safe and functional, every month is a page of matches.