10 Incredible LED Watch Designs for Geeks

Thinking about a blank and white watch, color watch, or just something really out of left field to make you stand out, take a look at some of these funky LED watch designs.

I love watches, and not just because they tell time (I have a smartphone that can do that for me), but because they come in numerous designs, so it is always possible to pick out watches that meet your personality and the need. I have heavy duty watches for working out, everyday watches, and fancy-shmancy watches as well. And the funkier the watch, the better it is in my honest opinion. Who needs regular watches when there is a whole slew of LED watches that tell time in fun and interesting ways. Gone are the second and minute hands, and in are watches where you need to read an instruction manual for how to tell time. TokyoFlash Japan is a huge purveyor of some of the best in LED watches. You can choose from simple black and white watches, to LED watches that have a bit more style and flair.


One of the things I love most about LED watches is that they do not have to look like watches to tell the time. With the 12 orange acrylic bars, this watch looks like it is either taking your pulse, your temperature, or it is the portable version of KITT from Knight Rider.

RPM Acetate

You may have to count around the watch for a few minutes, but it is pretty self explanatory. The inside circle shows hours, and the outside circle shows minutes. And it is designed the same as a typical watch face.


Totally looking as though it came from the future, regular passer-bys will just think you have a weird light up bracelet design, but the three circles actually let you know the hours and minutes. Again, it may take you a few minutes to read the time, but how cool is it!


Now, I am sorry, but this one does not even look like a watch, but a futuristic talking device. But I assure you it is a watch. And everyone is going to come up to you asking how the heck you tell time with it. Dazzle them with your futuristic LED watch. They will all want one! And then congrats, you started a fad!


Aside from being completely durable and rustproof, this stainless steel watch may require a bit of a manual to learn how to read the time, but it is super stylish…right? I can’t even explain this one, just watch the video!


I’m telling you, the more I look at these watches, the more I am convinced that conventional watches are going to get thrown out the window. These LED watches are the future I guess. But my parents’ generation would probably look at them with a quizzical eye and shake their head while thinking, “What is this world coming to.” Anyway, this neat watch tells the time along raised convex bubble lenses. All you have to do is press a button to see the numbers along the four vertical lines.

Rogue Touch

Do not poo-poo the pocket watch. You may think they are a thing of the past, but TokyoFlash Japan is making them cool again with this touch LCD pocket watch with LED backlighting. On the outside, looks like a normal pocket watch your grandfather would carry, but inside, a bright screen, lighting up rings to show you the time. Talk about staying classy while still enjoying the technology of this century.

On Air

With its minimalistic design and simple display, this watch is attractive, and quite possibly one of the more easily-readable watches. It tells the time by placing the minutes where the hour hand on a watch would be. Simple, easy, and effective…just how I like my watch to be (you know, when I remember to put it on).

Changing Lanes

I cannot tell if this is a watch or a map of the New York City subway station, but I am told it is a watch. It takes some time to understand how to read this watch, and I am not sure I can even explain it properly. So, watch the video instead!

Night Vision

Last but not least, when counting down the top ten LED watches, is the Night Vision watch. Simple to read, it shows the hours around the outside of the watch and actually displays the minutes inside the watch.  Like most of the watches, it is a black LED watch perfect for those on the go or the board room. But don’t be surprised if everyone asks to press the button so they can see it light up. I’d ask. Just saying.

Whether you like black or white LED watches, colorful LED watches, or LED watches that look like anything but a watch, check out TokyoFlash Japan!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go wind up my Mickey Mouse watch!