The ‘Hot Tub’ Boat

If you are trying to relax and gather your strength I think a raid in the Hot Tub can do the trick. I don’t think you can relax in a more luxurious way than this!

The hot tub boat contains up to 2,000 liters of water and can contain 6-8 relaxing passengers while sailing down the rivers of Rotterdam,  the Netherlands. You can either buy this relaxing boat or rent it for a unique sail.

While strolling down the river you can enjoy the beautiful view which lays around the river.

This cool Hot tub boat is running on a steam wood-burning stove so it heats the water and  the propeller engine to keep you sailing down the river. In case you were wondering this boat will not come is cheep, if you are looking to own this relaxing boat this pleasure will cost you around $21,000. For more awesome boat related articles check out Folding Origami BoatIntriguing New House Boat Design and the Robotic Boats Set Off On a 60,000 Kilometer Voyage.