Cannon Security iPhone Dock Plays It Safe

RadioVault is one of the most practical iPhone docks ever, as it also incorporates a hidden drawer, thus allowing people to store their valuable belongings in a safe place.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to decide whether to keep the jewelry at home or at the bank, in a safe deposit box. The latter option used to offer more security in the past, but as banks are rather unstable during this never-ending financial crisis, you can never be sure of what’s going to happen with your valuables.

At a first glance, the RadioVault iPhone dock looks slightly oversized, without looking suspicious, at all. Mind you, if burglars ever decide to visit your home, they will grab this anyway, knowing or not knowing about the dock’s features. The advantage is that the tiny holes that cover the front of the drawer give the impression of a big speaker, making the RadioVault seem inconspicuous.

The secret drawer seems big enough to store the keys to the Ferrari you don’t want your neighbors to know about, a wallet full of money and credit cards at offshore banks, and a few envelopes with certificates of deposit. I’m not saying that it’s mandatory to keep such things, I was just pointing out that there’s room for all of these in the secret compartment.

Probably the best thing about the RadioVault is that its secret drawer is activated by swiping the finger over a biometric fingerprint scanner. The keypad that’s located next to the scanner is easy to use, as all of the keys are placed quite intuitively. According to the manufacturer, this product works not only with iPhones, but with most MP3 devices. That’s a relief, as not everybody owns an iPhone, but most people could use a safe box at home.

The high-contrast LCD display provides information regarding the current time and date, the frequency of the radio station you’re currently listening to, as well as an alarm indicator. The sound quality is said to be superior (to what, if I may ask?), but one needs to listen to it to judge that.

RadioVault is available only in black and can be purchased for $349.99 on the Cannon Security Products website. Are your belongings worth spending so much money? There’s no mention of RadioVault’s weight, but if it’s as heavy as typical safe boxes, then I’d say yes.

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