Video Games Are Gonna Get A Little Bit Realer

Almost every gamer has wondered what it would be like to step into their computer screen or television set and experience their game first hand.

As Real As It Gets on Kickstarter may just be the next step toward such an experience. With the dizzying speed at which technology is maturing, changing, adapting, and improving, it’s no surprise that a multi-sensory suit would be the next logical conclusion. And why not? We already have the Wii, the move, and Kinect. 3D televisions are trying to make 3D comeback. So why not a special gaming suit too?


Imagine you’re in your favourite game, whether its an FPS shooter or an intense action RPG. Not only are you interacting and witnessing the game world, but you can also feel it. “[You] can now feel the rain on your shoulders, the rumble of a tank, the concussion of sound and debris, where you are drowned in the sensations and sound of your gaming world.”


The suit itself is a combination of three layers: a Decoder, an Exoskeleton, and a Sim Skin. The decoder allows the suit to work with your device. In order to have the suit work with more than one device, you will only need another decoder, and not a new suit. The exoskeleton receives the data from the Decoder and translates it into a sensory experience. And the Sim Skin is the custom aspect. According to ARAIG, the suit is designed to work with all peripherals without inhibiting movement. Speakers and a microphone have also been built-in, prepping you for what we can only imagine is one hell of a ride.


For now, the suit’s existence exists only in the tenuous ether. If ARAIG can achieve it’s $900,000 goal, the suits could be available as soon as December 2014. As of this post, ARAIG has achieved  only$78,196 of its projection. Whether their goal is met at the end of this month or not remains suspended in the balance. However, we’re confident that this will not be the last that we hear of ARAIG and similar technology.

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