Israeli Designer Creates $9 Cardboard Bicycle

Bicycles are a great way to get around without polluting the air, but as easy as they are on the planet, they aren’t always easy on your finances. One Israeli designer hopes to change that with his cardboard bike that costs $9.

Giora Kariv came up with his design after hearing about someone who’d built a canoe out of cardboard. You can see the story of how he designed and built the prototype in the video below:

Kariv admits the first prototype looked very much like a cardboard box on wheels, since that’s what he made it out of.  The next version actually looks like a real bicycle. Taking it out on the streets, he hardly bats an eye.  He also takes it through some puddles. You’d expect the thing to fall apart when it first touched water, but it’s specially coated. This new bike is being targeted at large corporations to give to employees and for large cities.

Thanks to our friends at Newsgeek for the lead on this story!

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