Castlevania Themed Game Boy Created By OSKUNK

A paint job fit for any vampire slayer that’s a proper homage to the monster mash Konami platformer. Yes, it’s a graveyard smash!

Game Boy Castlevania image 2

What’s an old school Game Boy with a Castlevania paint job? Not a miserable little pile of secrets, that’s for sure buddy boy. Instead, it’s one of the slickest custom-dressed portables I’ve seen lately.

It’s designed by French illustrator OSKUNK – any relation to Pepé Le Pew? – and is covered from head to toe in the classic full moon, bats, and castle sprawl that summons itself as the opening montage to almost every Castlevania to date.

Game Boy Castlevania image 1

There’s even a large red “C” on the back that matches the series font-set. How dashing!

Game Boy Castlevania image 3

I’m assuming that the inspiration for this particular decoration is from the first Castlevania – Akumaj? Dracula on the Nintendo Famicom Disk System in Japan – which celebrated its 26th birthday in May. It is one of the more recognizable titles in the Konami property and might boss to boot. Also difficult as nuts.

You know, it’s only fitting that such an awesome paint job goes towards a handheld. Personally, some of the best Castlevania games belong to the mobile platform, notably the round of portable vampire slayers that appeared on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. (Hint: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Dawn of Sorrow.)

Next year Konami is planning to release a new entry for the Nintendo 3DS coming out in 2013, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, and hopefully that title – produced out of house by Spanish developer MercurySteam – lives up to such a solid evil banishing legacy.

Much like how this custom-painted Game Boy lives up to some totally cool bean skins in recent memory. Now, whether it lives up to the exciting amount of geeky content we have Walyou? That’s another toss-up for another time. But honestly, when you’re having as much fun looking at kick-ass Star Wars costumes or the ultimate Halloween pumpkin carvings, does it even matter? Heck no!