The Ultimate in Geeky Pumpkin Carvings – Pumpktris

No doubt you have seen some geeky pumpkin carvings, including Mario, Stormtroopers, and the NyanCat. But have you ever thought of playing Tetris on a carved pumpkin?! Try playing a riveting round of Pumpktris!

Gone are the old days of pumpkin carvings. No longer do we make pumpkins with triangle eyes and missing teeth smiles, but now we can carve actual pictures on a pumpkin. Don’t worry if you are not an artist as numerous websites provide templates so you too can make a Darth Vader or Teenage Mutant Ninja Pumpkin. But for one person, that was just not enough. Then came the brilliant idea of combining the age-old custom of carving pumpkins with one of the most well-loved video games out there, Tetris. And with that my friends, I give you Pumpktris – an interactive game of Tetris you can play on the side of a carved pumpkin. No really, I don’t lie!

Pumpktris is a fully playable Tetris game that has been embedded into a pumpkin. Using 128 LEDs for the display, the stem of the pumpkin actually doubles as the controller! While this is not for everyone to make, if you know LEDs, codes and matrixes, and wires, than this can be easily replicated. Have it around for your next Halloween party.

It took the maker of this pumpkin, aside from the 128 LED lights, 314 solder joints, 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing, and approximately 12 hours of work over a one week period to complete this.

However, just keep this in mind – pumpkins do not last forever, so this really will be just a novelty. No one wants a rotting pumpkin that plays Tetris hanging out in their room!

Go through the pictures below and then watch a YouTube video on how it all works!

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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