Music Computing Unveils an Ultra HD 4K Touchscreen Conference Table

MotionCOMMAND-T Series 2, the latest addition to Music Computing’s line of interactive conference table, has been unveiled at CES in an attempt to show that businessmen haven’t been neglected from this trade show, and that this particular category of people needs toys, as well.

Music Computing is an Austin, TX-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of music production hardware, computers and touchscreens. However, the product they have just launched at CES 2016 barely fits in any of those categories. Yes, it does have a touchscreen and a micro-controller responsible for the automation of some specific parts, but the MotionCOMMAND-T Series 2 conference table really is in a category of its own.

The MotionCOMMAND-T interactive conference table is built around an ultra-bright and very sharp Ultra HD 4K touchscreen that can be used for all sorts of presentations, regardless if the table ends up in a boardroom or a showroom. Basically, the touchscreen will help people communicate more effectively, even if it’s used by more than one person at a time. The 255 points of touch definitely help with that. Music Computing stated in a press release that there would be more models of this revolutionary conference table, with touchscreen diagonals ranging from 32 to 65-inches. Given the resolution and the dimensions of the screen, it’s pretty obvious that this product focuses, at least partially, on productivity.

Surround sound and smart TV functionality have also been implemented, making some people think that this interactive table will serve more than just business purposes. The “WOW Option” might contribute to that impression as well, as it includes a fully motorized bar with support for 4 bottles of liquor and a glass rack. All of these are hidden inside the table’s legs and rise up as soon as you press a button on the hand-held remote control. Other buttons enable you to rotate the bar or retract it into the hidden compartment. The touchscreen is waterproof, in case certain liquids get in contact with it, so that’s one less thing to worry about while having important business meetings.

MotionCOMMAND-T even has several connectivity options, in case you want to use your laptop to share some information. For that purpose, there are one VGA and one HDMI port, along with 2 x 5V power outlets and 1 USB data port. There are no restrictions in terms of the operating system that the laptop you want to connect is running. Hence, Windows and Mac OS X computers and notebooks are treated as equals. However, with Mac OS X, you’ll get to use multi-touch gestures, something that competing products don’t allow you to do.

Furthermore, if you wish to integrate a computer system in the interactive conference table, Music Computing will make it so, the only thing you’ll have to provide being the specifications. There has been no word on the price of the MotionCOMMAND-T interactive conference tables, but you shouldn’t expect these to be cheap, given the great number of features.

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