CES 2016: Wulian’s Latest IoT and Smart Home Devices

Besides drones and various computer parts, another segment that has really picked up steam at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is IoT and the smart home industry, in general, thanks to such exhibitors as Wulian.

Chinese company Wulian is a member of the ZigBee Alliance along with other such big players as Philips, Samsung, Logitech, Bosch, and Comcast, and it’s great to see that actual tech titans have converged on creating a standard for smart home devices, which is known as the ZigBee protocol.

Just to give you an idea about how many products Wulian has exhibited at CES 2016, the company had to set up seven exhibit areas: Smart Lighting, Access Security Control, Electrical Appliances Control, Wireless Monitoring System and Environmental Monitor. All of these are related one way or another to IoT and smart home systems, which are exactly the industries Wulian activates in.

The Dream Flower smart vase, picture above, represents the perfect combination between elegant design and technology. It’s very stylish and unobtrusive, so many of your guests will have no idea that it actually has more than just an aesthetic role. In fact, the Dream Flower smart vase acts as a comprehensive environment detector. It connects to dual-band Wi-Fi and provides information about the levels of PM 2.5, CO2, VOC gases, and even noise. On top of that, it comes with voice broadcasting capabilities and can light up in one of 16 million colors.

Secondly, the company has unveiled the Cylincam, a multi-function HD cam that features IR night vision and two-way communication. While this sounds great for a device meant for protecting your home, I can also see it working as a baby monitor. The 720-degree rotation enables it to be great for home monitoring, as well.

Up next is Wuilan’s Mini Gateway, which amazes with its small dimensions that actually qualify it for the title of the smallest gateway in the Smart Home Industry. It has numerous functions, and among many other things, it can work as a night lamp or a signal repeater for Wi-Fi networks. The built-in infrared sensor enables it to pick up movements that in turn trigger the night lamp function. Much like the Dream Flower smart vase, the Mini Gateway can let you know when someone is at the door, assuming you have it connected to a doorbell.

Home security is an aspect that couldn’t have been left behind. The Wulian Smart Door Lock features infrared intrusion detectors snaps photos when people approach the door, so you know at all times if there are any invited or uninvited guests in the neighborhood. The lock even sports a Stress mode that can be activated when family members feel threatened. Upon entering a PIN code, an emergency number is dialed, and the problem is solved, one way or another. The Smart Lock enables access based on fingerprint, password, NFC and remote keys, so it’s very versatile.

Not at last, Wulian has developed a Smart Home App that manages all of the above devices, and even lets you control them using an Apple Watch. Besides that, the app features such functions as remote control, time setting, scenes control, interactive communication, NFC and even GPS.

This is the last day of CES 2016, so if you haven’t checked Wulian’s exhibit areas, head over to Sands Expo Level 2, Hall A, 71531 and see some of their ZigBee devices with your own eyes.

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