SwannOne Is the One Smart Home Smartphone App to Rule Them All

The ideal smart home has all sorts of devices that can be controlled from a distance using a single remote, and that remote should be at your fingertips. SwannOne Hub comes with a smartphone app built on that very principle.

The problem with devices that are part of a smart phone is that in the majority of the cases, each manufacturer supplies its own companion app. As a result of this, there’s little to no interaction between the various devices, and on top of that, you would have to switch between multiple apps in order to control these smart products. If only there was an equivalent of keyboard macros for smart home devices. Oh, wait!

Developed by Swann security, the SwannOne is a home automation system that puts A/C, lights, locks, and security cameras just one tap away. The developers announced that in addition to its standard functionality, the SwannOne app will offer control over professional home monitoring services, cloud storage solutions, as well as audio analytics.

Swann’s SoundView Camera is at the core of this smart home system, as it plays a double role. First of all, it acts as a surveillance camera with night vision capabilities, and secondly, it is a hub that enables you to control the other home automation devices. The SoundView Camera works both over Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocols, and while the latter has low-power requirements, the former might prove problematic.

Geoff Wanless, CTO of Swann, pointed out that “The smart home is an unstoppable trend which we intend to be at the forefront of through continuous research and development. We understand the needs of our customers, and we are going to deliver exactly what they want – a complete and affordable security-centric smart home solution driven from one app. Our system uses the latest wireless technology, including Wi-Fi and Zigbee to ensure that it is easy to use and inter-connectable.”

In a statement made for Gizmodo, the company revealed the probable launch date, but it declined to specify the price and the exact components of the kit: “SwannOne will be available in November. Pricing and included kit information is under embargo until the product is officially available.” It remains to be seen how the product works in real-life scenarios.

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