CES 2020: Samsung Announces Galaxy XCover Pro

Galaxy XCover Pro

CES 2020 has come to an end but there are still impressive gadgets and smartphones that are being released. Samsung displayed the rugged and sturdy Galaxy XCover Pro for people who work in challenging situations. This is a mid-range meant specifically for those who work on the field such as nurses, flight attendants, construction workers, truckers and delivery men. 

Most cellphones that are launched for this target market are bulky and clunky. However, this particular phone is slim, sleek but very rugged. What’s more, it even comes with Military Standard 810 Certification. Samsung has launched this phone for the enterprise market but it will also be available for individual customers such as you. 

Here are some of the features of the Galaxy XCover Pro:

  • This phone can survive a drop of 1.5 meters even without a case
  • It comes with a 4,050 mAh replaceable battery 
  • Thanks to a 4GBRAM, it works very efficiently
  • The smartphone has 64 GB storage but you can choose to expand that to 512 GB
  • The screen works well even in rainy and snowy conditions
  • You can use gloves and use the touchscreen
  • The camera is quite impressive with the standard 25 MP sensor
  • Supports Knox enterprise security tools 
  • This phone runs on 2GHz octa-core Exynos 9611 processor and Android 10
  • NFC support is enabled so that workers can accept payments

Galaxy XCover Pro has a lot of potential

There has always been a great demand for slim and sturdy cellphones for people who work on the field. However, they have always been inconvenienced because the phones that are made for this target market are usually bulky and not really convenient to carry around. Thankfully, the Galaxy XCover Pro is slim, sturdy, and it’s packed with many useful features.

It is not clear when this phone will be available in the market but when it is, there will certainly be a lot of demand for it. Though this phone has been targeted at field workers, practically anybody who lives in extreme climates can purchase this phone. If you live in a place where it rains, snows or gets quite messy, the Galaxy XCover Pro can be a blessing.