Walmart Announces Alphabot, a Robotic Order Fulfilment System

Alphabot Walmart

Walmart has just announced Alphabot, a robotic fulfillment system, which combines the effort of humans with robotic technology. Alphabot is an automated warehouse where robots and human workers work together in order to deliver orders to customers quickly. At the moment, Alphabot is being used to deliver grocery orders. Each of these automated warehouses will measure 20,000 ft.² and will have a number of facilities to help pick up orders, pack them and deliver to customers while they wait in the car.

The idea is to allow customers to place their orders online but pick them up on the curbside. The moment a customer places an order, robotic technology will work alongside human workers to get the orders processed. Even before the customer drives up to the curbside, the staff can have the orders ready.

Here are some of the advantages of Alphabot technology

  • Alphabot relieves pressure from staff who are often overworked and are tired
  • Walmart stores can sell more products in a short span of time thanks to robotic efforts
  • Customers do not have to wait in long queues and will instead save time while shopping for groceries
  • Customer satisfaction scores are expected to increase and stores such as Walmart can deliver better customer service
  • In-store shoppers do not have to jostle with multiple pickers who need to fulfill online orders
  • Each robot can pick up more than 800 products in an hour
  • Robots measure 2 feet wide and can run around quickly around the warehouse which is separate from the store

Alphabot is a hybrid technology that will revolutionize order fulfillment

As you can see the Alphabot system is very efficient and will help both human staff and their customers. Humans can pick up only 80 products in an hour approximately. This technology will increase efficiency by 10 times and customer satisfaction is expected to improve correspondingly. It needs to be remembered that Alphabot is a hybrid system in which both humans and robots work together. Fragile objects and fresh produce will be handled by humans whereas robots will pick up well-packed objects. Currently, Alphabot has been implemented in Salem’s facility and will soon come to Mustang and Burbank.